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The Rehab Centre

Tracy — School Nurse

Tracy' job requires a lot of activity in and around the school, attending to the children and there health issues. Also, long periods of time at a computer causes severe headaches and neck pain. Here is her story...

Adam's Story

Adam is a special needs adult, born blind and deaf. He has a lot of stiffness in his neck and back. He came to The Rehab Centre to alleviate the discomfort and overcome atrophy.
Here is Adam's story...

About the Rehab Centre

Learn about our capabilities and our wide range of services. As one of the most technologically advanced chiropractic facilities, we can treat and solve many medical and health issues without the need for surgery or medicine.
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Athletes & Us

Here at The Rehab Centre, we offer a myriad of therapies and disciplines to help athletes stay healthy and 'in the game.' In this video some of the area's best MMA fighters tell us where they go to keep their bodies 'ready for the fight.'
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